Mogasheen Resort Guest Comments & Photos. Read what they love about the resort.

Our past and returning guest share their memorable Mogasheen Resort vacation stories. Memorable Mogasheen Resort lodging vacations in the heart of the Chequamegon National Forest on Lake Namakagon in Northern Wisconsin.

Serene LakeYou won’t remember us, but…we pulled up at Mogasheen in a Mustang convertible. It was my last night in the States before heading home alone to the UK. Without any reservations, we needed a place to stay before the long drive back to Chicago. I woke before sunrise to a full moon over Mogasheen. Wrapping up warm, I snuck out quietly with my camera. This image brings so many happy memories of a fantastic mid-West road trip, it now hangs on my bedroom wall. Such a beautiful place to have discovered by chance, we loved the welcome, the setting and the tranquility. We’ll be back one day…

James Benedict Brown

To the Bill Sykes Family – July 1st 1973
50th Anniversary Sykes Family Owners

God is There…

Photo Sep 03, 9 15 55 AMThere is a little resort in the Great Northwoods, If you haven’t been there, then really you should. I am sure once you get there you’ll understand why I can recommend this place without batting an eye.

It goes by the name of The Mogasheen Resort And visited by folks from east, west, south and north. The family who owns it are called Sykes by name, but if you check back, I doubt you’ll find fame. They are just an ordinary family of seven, But with all the people around it looks like heaven.

The cottages are clean and conveniently stocked.
If you don’t have what you want, then just snap a lock.
No matter what kind of a story you cry
they sit and they listen and understand why.
On Monday they have a picnic and invite all and once you are acquainted you just have a ball.

And whether you go for one week or two,
When you get ready to leave, it has been too few And I know no matter how long we may live We will remember the Sykes and that they could give, To lift a person from everyday woes and cares And let them know that God truly dwells there.

by Patsy Schmidt, Louisville, Kentucky

This picture was taken this year 2011 at the Island. We love Mogasheen! THE BROWNS

This picture was taken this year 2011 at the Island. We love Mogasheen! THE BROWNS

Kelly Sikkema

My father-in-law, Paul Sikkema, took this photo the last time they were at Mogasheen. He asked me to send it to you – he thought you might enjoy seeing the rainbow over Mogahseen 🙂
Kelly Sikkema

We just wanted to say thank you for all you do to make Mogasheen or “Mogo” as Amy says, such a beautiful place to stay! We have such good times & happy memories from our weeks vacation with you. Our trip to Mogasheen is truly the best week of our summer. Mike and I see more of the kids that week and hear less complaints from them more than any other week all year! It’s wonderful family time. You are two very special people to make everyone feel so welcome and to put up with all the “quirky” guests! We look forward, with anticipation, to next year’s visit.

Your friends, Mike & Anne, David, Katie & Amy Walkowski


Ben Brock

I come up to mogasheen every summer with my mom, my brothers, my aunt, and my grandparents. I absolutely love your resort! I love how everything is located so close together and all the things you offer there are awesome. Like the canoes and kayaks, your bait shop, and the bikes. Also, Lake Namekagon has to be my favorite lake to fish in northern Wisconsin. Thank you for all the fun years up in the north woods, see you this summer! Attached is a picture of a nice smallmouth bass i caught last year on lake namekagon and a picture of a nice northern.


The Mundens

Here is the picture of the fish Cory caught while at Mogasheen Resort this year.

21 inch walleye caught on July 14, 2011

Just to say Thank you again for your wonderful resort. It makes us happy to get away yearly to meet once again at Mogasheen. You are wonderful hosts.

Todd and Peggy Munden

Dear Patsy and Henry,

I want to thank you so very much for your friendship and generosity. This past weekend has to be one of the highlights of my entire year! Fun, relaxing, busy, yet peaceful. Your friends and family made me feel right at home and I am grateful for that! It has been said that people are defined by the quality of their friends. Your friends are amazing and so are you!

Thank you again and again for including me. I pray that you have a joyous Christmas Season!

Love to all!

Christmas at Mogasheen

Let’s Go Fishing!

Ben - 42" musky
Dan - smallmouth bass
Kenny - 25" walleye
Dan - smallmouth bass

Ryan Brown

Hi this Ryan Brown from Cresco, Iowa. We were just up there with the Munden clan and on Thursday July, 14 I caught a 36 inch northern. I already reported it for the Mogasheen fishing contest but now I am sending a picture of a Northern Pike. We always have a great time up there and thank you for all you offer us.

Bill Wise

Henry and Patsy, Thanks for the great time at your resort. Here is a picture of my 44 1/2 inch Musky.

Take care,

Bill Wise

Matthew skied behind the boat
with his daddy by his side,
While Andrew and Melissa
Took the “Hot Dog” for a ride.

Monika was taller, even than her mom,
An ace softball pitcher – her game;
Andrew’s birthday was quite a hoot,
to finally be five – his aim.

There were many thrills canoeing
Along the mighty Brule,
Riding the Class II rapids
Where excitement was the rule.

Grandpa, Daddy, and Matthew
Went out one night to fish;
they hoped to catch some walleyes,
And they finally got their wish.

All four cousins together again,
Monika, Melissa, Matthew, & Andrew;
The week was short, but, oh so sweet –
What an awesome rendezvous!

Our 2009 Northwoods Adventure at Lake Namakagon, WI

Our 2009 Northwoods Adventure at Lake Namakagon, WI

Thank you so much for letting us stay in such a nice cabin! We all had a great time in your swimming pool and gameroom. The Weeinie Roast was a blast this year! We had a great time spoiling Mogie and Pedro while we were there. We enjoyed every last minute of our stay while we were up at Mogasheen Resort!

Thanks again,
Marty, LeAnn, Rachel & Derek Salwey

Landon loved swimming in the indoor pool. Mogasheen is a wonderful getaway for our family anytime of the year. Our dog Rocco loved playing in the water. He was resting in this photo after a long day playing at Mogasheen!

The Cooks

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